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Cleaning Smoke and Soot

Did you know a lot of smoke and soot damage can be cleaned by professionals after a fire? Just because building materials are contaminated with soot and smoke, doesn’t mean they have to be removed and replaced. With proper cleaning and deodorization methods, building materials and even personal contents can be cleaned to pre-loss conditions, saving valuable time and thousands of dollars in repairs.

So, the big question is, can you as a homeowner clean soot and smoke yourself? Fire restoration is not a DIY project as using the wrong method and cleaning products can cause more harm and hinder the restorability of an item or material. There are also the serious health risks that come along with trying to perform this type of work untrained.

Smoke and soot are considered carcinogenic, which means exposure can increase your risk of cancers and complicate your respiratory system, especially if you have asthma or another health condition. It’s best to leave this work to the professionals that have the proper personal protective equipment and products to get the job done in a safe and healthy manner.

Hiring a professional is not only the right choice, but oftentimes the free choice. If you have homeowner’s insurance, these services are almost always covered under most insurance policies, leaving you with minimal or no out of pocket expenses.

Boucher and Son Remodeling has trained fire restoration technicians to handle any type of fire disaster. These technicians are able to clean soot contamination, set up localized containment, clean and pack-out contents, perform selective demolition, and completely deodorize buildings after any size fire.

Along the fire technicians are water restoration technicians that are able to mitigate and dry-out water damage and prevent mold and mildew from growing and further complicating restoration efforts.

When all cleaning, drying out, demolition, and deodorization items are complete, Boucher and Son sends in the carpenters to handle the rebuild and get you back into your home!

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