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Our Expertise

The team at Boucher and Son are experts in the restoration and reconstruction of homes resulting from disasters that usually involve an insurance claim. Most contractors won't touch a project that involves an insurance claim because of all the working parts and processes that go into the documentation of these losses. This usually ends up with the client having to put in a lot of legwork, or worse, paying unneeded out of pocket expenses due to lack of documentation, improper estimating format, and inexperience. 
We use the same estimating program that the insurance companies use so all of our prices are on par with industry standards. This also makes it easier for your adjusters to understand, thus making the process of code upgrade and hidden damage approvals much quicker. 
Boucher and Son works with all insurances, mortgage companies, and public adjusters. Boucher and Son in no way works for any insurance, public adjuster, or mortgage company. Our one and only interest is getting our clients back into a safe and healthy home in a timely and professional manner by providing the best contracting and restoration services that we possibly can. 
Along with reconstruction services, Boucher and Son is a full service disaster restoration company. By employing trained and IICRC certified technicians, we are not only able to rebuild your home, but provide services such as:
-Soot contamination cleaning
-Mold removal and remediation
-Soda Blasting
-Multi-step deodorization 
-Water intrusion dry-outs
-Water extraction
And much more...
By choosing Boucher and Son, you won't be stuck hiring multiple companies to restore and rebuild your home or business. As an all in one company, we are able to perform all the steps needed to get you back home without the stress and uncertainty that comes with hiring multiple contractors. 
(Please note that Boucher and Son Remodeling LLC is a general contractor and in no way can act as a public adjuster or adjust an insurance claim in any way)
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